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N6HB Amateur Radio contesting history

Part 2:  Highlights of contests that made a lasting impact on N6HB.

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The years 2000 and 2001 were a rebirth 
for N6HB in terms of radio activity.

In January 2000, I took part in a field day style M/S for the CQ Worldwide 160M CW contest. The contest call was K6SE; the operator lineup consisted of K6NDV (now K6ND), K6NR, K6SE (now SK), KR6C and myself. Although I could only take part the first day, this contest was a significant learning experience for me, since it was my first time in a contest from the "left coast." We had incredible runs (including JA), yet never worked a single European!

N6HB and K6NR at K6SE/p

N6HB at K6SE in '00 CQ-160M CW; K6NR looks on.

(K6NDV photo)

KC1XX (now a well-established M/M) invited me to operate 160M in the 2000 CQ-WW CW and 2001 ARRL CW — I accepted both. Thanks to Matt's super station, a great set of team-mates, and the high level of competition, we came in 1st in WW and a very close 2nd in ARRL. It is exciting to compete at this level, and I am grateful to Matt for the vote of confidence in welcoming me, an untested competitor in the CW arena.

KC1XX plaques

Some of the First Place plaques at KC1XX.

(N6HB © photo)

A business trip found me in Madrid the week before the 2001 ARRL DX Phone contest. I extended my stay through Sunday, in order to operate some of the contest from there. After several emails back and forth, it was finally arranged for me to operate from EA4URE (Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles, Region 4) at the EA4ML site, and EA4TX. EA4ML is normally M/M, but this was a M/2 training session for novices. I enjoyed operating and helping out, and hope the new guys got something out of it as well. I spent the first night of the contest there on 40M, and discovered the true meaning of broadcast QRM!


15M just opening to USA from EA4URE.

(EA4TX photo)

Pablo, EA4TX, was kind enough to welcome me into his home and allow the use of his very fine station. 10M was a bottomless pit on Saturday, and I had several consecutive 200+ hours! Our part-time effort was good enough to achieve First Place Multi/Single for Spain.


10M is wide open to US from EA4TX.

(EA4TX photo)

Recent contest activity has been as guest operator at KC1XX.

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