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This is the story of Amateur Radio Station N6HB; the history, the accomplishments, and stations I have had the privilege to operate from or otherwise be associated with.

  • SWL since 1966 — WPE1HFL

  • First licensed in 1967 as WN1IZS

  • Upgraded and became WA1IZS in 1968

  • Was QRT for a number of years while I chased girls, went to college, and generally enjoyed the "good life."

  • In the mid-70s, was fortunate enough to marry the woman I love (40+ years and still going strong).

  • Following the "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" philosophy, Maryann (xyl) became WA1ZDE in the late 70s!

  • Bought our first house, and had my first chance at a "real" station in 1981. To celebrate, picked up a new callsign, KA1XN.

  • DXed for a number of years, until I got bored with it.

  • A life changing event occurred in 1983, the birth of our twin daughters!

  • In 1984, I resurrected my high school interest in Track & Field, and became involved in recreational (at first), then later, competitive distance running.

  • In 1987, was invited to Aruba to participate in the "Queen's Day 10K" road race. I took the whole family with me, hooked up with P43AJ, and operated as P40AR (Aruba Roadrace) when I wasn't busy enjoying the sights or training for the event.

  • In 1997, accepted a job transfer to southern California and acquired the call N6HB.

  • More recently, I have become heavily involved in building and driving high-performance sports cars, and riding my Harley. However, I'm still active in contesting as a guest operator at multi-ops.

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The chronicle continues on the Contesting History pages . . .

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